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Free download: Dell OpenManage™ Essentials systems management software featuring the SupportAssist plug-in.

Free download: Dell OpenManage™ Essentials systems management software featuring the SupportAssist plug-in.
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Attain Unprecedented IT Uptime and Availability.

Your servers, storage and switches are the backbone of your IT infrastructure and we want to help you avoid interruptions that could turn costly!

Our easy to install, intuitively simple to use, 1:Many systems management console, Dell OpenManage™ Essentials (OME) version 2.1, is optimized to provide comprehensive lifecycle management for Dell PowerEdge converged, rack, and tower servers. OpenManage Essentials also delivers extensive health monitoring, control, and support for Dell servers, storage, networking, business clients, firewall appliances, and 3rd party hardware.

In addition OME v2.1 delivers:

  • Stateless computing with centralized management of server virtual I/O addresses within OME-Server Configuration Management
  • Simplified discovery for Dell PowerEdge converged platforms and full lifecycle management for Dell PowerEdge C4130 and C6320 servers
  • Agent-free automation of basic management tasks resulting in less risk of errors, increased productivity, and maintenance of business continuity
  • Uniform hardware lifecycle management operations in physical and virtual multi-vendor operating system and hypervisor environments
  • Geographic View to assist in remote management and quick access to the locations and health of globally dispersed VRTX systems
  • Default installation of Dell SupportAssist with the download of OME v2.1. Customers with a ProSupport Plus contract will experience the full benefits of proactive and predictive support technology plus automated case creation and contact with Dell Tech Support.

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