Optimize data center power management.

Maximize visibility and control with innovate power and thermal management software.

Maximize visibility and control with innovate power and thermal management software.

With OpenManage Power Center you can:

  • Receive alerts on power and thermal events on your servers.
  • Measure energy consumed by IT equipment inside a rack.
  • Report on servers using the most energy, the least energy, spikes in power consumption and more.
  • Increase data center density by identifying racks where the IT equipment is not using the power capacity allocated.

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Purchase/Download Information

To obtain the free version of OpenManage Power Center, please fill out the form on this page. You will then be directed to the software download page for OpenManage Power Center.

For additional functionality, OpenManage Power Center offers power capping and budgeting that can be set by IT policy, making it easy to predetermine what will happen in your data center should various power conditions occur. If you are interested in power capping, please mention the SKUs when speaking with your Dell sales representative:

OpenManage Power Center SKUs 



OpenManage Power Center: Power Capping, Budgeting, and Policy License (Perpetual)

To request an evaluation license for Power Capping, please use the SKU below to secure a 90-day, 5-node evaluation license for your IT environment:


OpenManage Power Center Evaluation SKU 




OpenManage Power Center Policy and Budgeting Trial license

Please note: power capping and policy management require Dell servers to have an iDRAC Enterprise license installed.