Integration and back-end support are key to Vendor Neutral Archiving

Build a best-of-breed Vendor Neutral Archiving solution. View this UCA Webinar “Best-of-Breed VNA requires Skillful System Integration and Dedicated Back-end Support” to learn how.

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Best-of-Breed VNA requires Skillful System Integration and Dedicated Back-end Support

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), a concept that originated with the objective of eliminating data silos and enabling data interoperability within medical imaging, lends itself today to a much wider interpretation and therefore more confusion. As a solution that can be configured in multiple ways using components from multiple solution partners; organizations are faced with the inherent challenge of how to make these best-of-breed solutions really work for them. An end-to-end solution based on technology choices from multiple vendors, will require experienced system integration and very sophisticated back-end support.

View this recorded webinar to hear two medical image data management experts, Michael Gray and Dan Trott, discuss how providers seeking a vendor neutral archiving solution can build a best-of-breed solution, while at the same time not get overwhelmed with the complexity of managing and integrating multiple partners, solutions and platforms.

Key takeaways:
  • What are the various components of a True VNA solution; one that includes enterprise data management and distribution?
  • What are some of the various architecture and deployment considerations for a VNA system?
  • What are all the options available to organizations looking for a partner to help in a VNA implementation?
  • What is the profile of an ideal partner that has the software, hardware and services expertise to integrate, deploy and support multiple best-of-breed solutions?

About the Speakers:
Michael J. Gray is a Consultant specializing in the Digital Management and Distribution of Medical Image Data. Mr. Gray’s areas of expertise are Market Analysis, Technology Analysis, Strategic Planning, Equipment Utilization, Needs Assessment, Workflow Analysis, and Vendor Analysis/Selection. Mr. Gray routinely speaks to both national and local Health Care Organizations on subjects such as technology, business case modeling, and system deployment strategies.

Dan M. Trott is the WW Strategy and Business Development Executive for Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive Solution. Dan is responsible for guiding the development and implementation of Dell’s solution for enterprise archiving of clinical information in the Healthcare and Life Sciences market.  

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