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Dell Technology Team Caterham F1

Technology. It's the power behind Formula 1™ racing. Huge supercomputers perform billions of calculations to see which of a hundred front wingplates will work best. Servers provide a mobile office for over 60 people, 20 times per year. Gigabytes of data travel through virtually bulletproof laptops before being beamed back to a team's base, sometimes on the other side of the world.

It was in this context that Caterham F1 Team (known then as Team Lotus) came to Dell and Intel. In a sport where hundredths of a second count, innovative technology can drive a significant competitive advantage. Dell addressed the needs of Caterham by deploying a complete infrastructure powered by an Intel® Cluster Ready HPC cluster.

“Dell did a fantastic job of bringing everything together — from the technology needed to design an F1 car, to our requirements for trackside laptops and storage that could withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. They understood how an F1 company works and the importance of our time frames,” says Bill Peters, Head of IT for Caterham.

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