Dell Security Webcast : 5 Questions to ask yourself about protecting your data

By Scott Lang, Dell Security Solutions

Advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services is here and growing. Estimates count between 26 and 30 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. As this advanced connectivity accelerates, how do you prepare your IT today to ensure that endpoints, systems and data are protected and that you can ensure compliant usage of data? 
During this 45 minutes webinar, we discussed the five questions you need to answer and the best approach to better protecting your data and serving the organization:
  • Where is my data and what's most at risk?
  • How should data be categorized to minimize risk?
  • How should access be established and enforced to ensure compliance?
  • How can application access be ensured to minimize data loss?
  • How can data be protected anywhere it goes?
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