Learn how a leading healthcare services provider benefits from fully-automated, intelligent storage.

Healthcare services provider McKesson Systems uses the Dell Storage SC9000, powered by Intel® Xeon® processor, to fill customer prescriptions quickly and keep up with transaction growth.

See how McKesson uses this storage solution to:
  • Save $160,000 a year on OLAP/OLTP
  • Use less physical space to achieve nearly $200,000 annual savings
  • Improve data throughput 27%

Download the McKesson Systems success story.


Five essential storage features

When it comes to storage, some things you can’t do without. Know what they are?
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Four reasons to choose flash

Improved application performance and lower TCO are just the beginning.
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The workload-aholic Dell Storage SC9000

Accelerate your business with the massively-scalable Dell Storage SC9000.
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