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Request a printer consultation today to trade in your old laser printer for a new Dell Laser Printer at 50% off.* Fill out the form to the right to have a Printer Consultant contact you.

*Offer valid 11/1/2011 through 1/31/2012.  Must buy one Dell Laser Printer for every Laser printer traded-in through Dell’s recycling program in order to receive the discount. If the printer being recycled weighs over 70lbs, additional costs may be incurred. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Printer cables are not included.

RECYCLING MADE SIMPLE: For trade-in printer quantity numbering 10 or more per location, a Dell logistics partner will call you to schedule a time to send a truck to your location, palletize the used printers and take them to be recycled.  Dell will provide you with a printer inventory list and a certificate of disposal ~45 days after pickup. If there are fewer than 10 printer units per location, Dell will send you prepaid shipping labels, so you can box up your used printers, place the label on the box and ship them to be recycled.

Dell cannot be responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel order arising from such errors. Pricing will vary for customers in Alaska and Hawaii. Contact your account manager for more information. Taxes, fees and shipping and handling charges vary and are not subject to discount. All offers are contained herein are valid for Small, Medium and Large Business end users and registered resellers only, and not for online auctions.