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Five enterprise storage features every

organization should expect




Today, the ability to handle critical workloads like online transaction processing, data warehousing and virtual desktops is a base requirement for nearly every business–but too often the storage technologies that optimize these applications are limited to the largest installations. It's time for organizations of all sizes to expect more from their storage array. Here are five things you should have on your storage requirements list.

1. Flash optimization

Recent innovations have put flash performance within reach for most organizations. It's now realistic to put 100% of your hot data on flash—not just certain volumes. Look for storage arrays that mix both write- and read-optimized SSDs with flash-optimized tiering to deliver flash performance at costs comparable to traditional disk.

2. Write layer performance advantage

Many storage arrays prioritize read data, but you should search for storage that also directs all writes to the fastest drives. That way, data writes are never bogged down on slow storage, even if they belong to an infrequently-accessed volume. As a result, your applications will run faster and your users will stay happier.

3. Auto-tiering efficiency

Hands-free intelligence, informed by real-time usage metadata, should help your storage find the sweet spot for both performance and cost savings. Seek a storage array that automatically moves data to more cost-effective drives as it becomes less active. You’ll buy fewer drives overall–and purchase a less expensive mix of drives.

4. Automated RAID provisioning

Some enterprise arrays offer thin capacity provisioning, but shortlist the few that extend the concept to RAID provisioning. By eliminating the need to dedicate or pre-allocate RAID disk groups, you'll spend less time managing your arrays—and won't be locked into underutilized disk groups.

5. Full-scale enterprise features

Enterprise-class workloads demand enterprise-class storage features like unified file and block storage, snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, hard disk optimization, third-party integration and more. Look for an array that includes these features right from the start and scales them alongside your business.

With ever-increasing demand for storage capacity combined with decreasing budgets and resources—you need to save more than data. You need a future-ready storage solution designed to optimize core storage and help you bridge to new IT. Dell storage solutions—including the SC and XC Series arrays—are powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor and deliver the flash innovations, software-defined flexibility and core storage intelligence that ensures your storage never stops saving. Intel Inside®. Powerful Solution Outside.