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More and more companies are running their businesses on Dell™ servers than ever. It’s easy to see why. Dell PowerEdge™ 12th generation servers are fast while offering great energy efficiency and density.

By choosing Dell PowerEdge 12G servers, your business can:

  • Run your servers in warmer data center environments and save on your power and cooling costs
  • Use your existing management tools or upgrade to the industry-leading Dell OpenManage software at no cost
  • Recover faster from failed virtualization modules
  • Produce more virtual machines in much less rack space

Read further to learn how Dell server innovations can help you. You can visit our PowerEdge 12th generation server website or complete the form to the right and have a Dell server specialist contact you.

“The Dell™ R720 server is the 'Swiss Army knife' for cloud environments. With so many memory, I/O, and storage options, it lets us tailor the solution to the customer.”
-Alex Rodriguez, Vice President of Systems Engineering and Product Development, Expedient 

  • Performance
  • Management Tools
  • Power & Cooling
  • Flexibility
  • Data Protection

Breaking speed limits.

Industry benchmarks demonstrate that Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers allow you to consolidate workloads more effectively – without any significant impact to performance. Every major subsystem in the new servers has been upgraded to give you:

  • Better disk performance
  • Better memory/processor performance
  • Better I/O performance
  • Reduced electrical costs

Whether you are looking to cut operating costs, reduce server footprint, or simply take advantage of one of the highest performing x86 servers in the industry, Dell has a server infrastructure solution that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.


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Better systems management.

Dell OpenManage software is considered by many to be the most robust, efficient and elegantly integrated server management tool in the industry. The software helps one customer save up to 43 days a year in administration time. What's more, Dell is recognized for a number of industry firsts in systems management, including:

  • 2009—Embedded server management with Lifecycle Controller
  • 2010/2011Integrated Dell server lifecycle management with BMC, Microsoft and VMware
  • 2012Comprehensive agent-free management


Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers operate seamlessly within your existing server management infrastructure with plug-ins that support leading technologies such as Microsoft® Operations Manager, VMware vCenter™, and even your existing HP Systems Insight Manager software.

With the release of our latest servers, Dell has extended our technology leadership by reducing the time required to bring a server on-line.

With all of these new management benefits, there has never been a better time to refresh your infrastructure with Dell PowerEdge servers.


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You can pay to cool your servers or get the one that can take the heat.

Rising energy costs and new environmental regulations make it critical that you get the utmost performance from every watt of energy and spend less money to do so. At Dell, we have met this challenge with cutting-edge innovations. 

As part of our Fresh Air initiative, our PowerEdge servers have been designed for sustained operation at temperatures ranging from minus 23°F (5°C) to 113°F (45°C) with humidity levels ranging from 5% to 90%. This robust level of design has been validated by recent tests indicating that the components can tolerate up to 900 hours of 104°F (40°C) operation per year and up to 90 hours per year at 113°F (45°C).

Because Dell Fresh Air enables you to operate your server infrastructure in warmer temperatures, you have greater flexibility in choosing where you deploy your Dell servers.


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Pack more into your racks.

Gain the flexibility to deploy technology faster and in less space. Dell listened to more than 7,000 customers and, based on their feedback, invested in the research and development to remove limitations with the following innovations:

  • Increased blade server density with the new M420, the world's first and only quarter-height blade server that enables up to 32 independent server nodes to operate in a single 10U blade chassis 
  • Expanded blade server memory with the new M620 that supports up to 24 DIMMs in a single blade


These efforts combine to give you greater flexibility to add more virtual machines, deploy larger workloads and install more physical servers in your racks than ever before. So refresh your outdated server infrastructure with our latest generation of server solutions.

Exceptional density
Redefine processing density for your data center with the PowerEdge M420, Dell first quarter-height blade server. Powered by the next-generation Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2400 product family, with up to eight cores per processor, the 2-socket M420 offers extremely high-performance density when deployed in the Dell  M1000e blade enclosure.

Consistent dependability
Help ensure long-term reliability with uninterrupted functionality through Dell’s no-compromise enterprise-class reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features.

Outstanding operational efficiency
Simplify deploying, updating, monitoring and maintaining your PowerEdge servers with the Dell OpenManage™ portfolio that includes Dell’s exclusive Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC7) with Lifecycle Controller.


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Innovative new safeguards.

Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers deliver data protection and maximum uptime for your most critical server workloads. To help ensure your Dell server infrastructure operates continuously we’ve added several innovations, including:

  • Best-in-class RAID functionality with
    no extra charge for RAID 6
  • Malware-resistance and faster encryption built into our new 12th generation servers
  • Firmware signing and encrypted credentials to maintain the integrity of your environment
  • A full range of memory protection features, such as memory mirroring and memory hot spare
  • Built-in, agent-free management to eliminate risks associated with downloading drivers
  • Dell Internal Dual SD Module to protect vital Hypervisor functions


Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers give you assurance that your demanding workloads and critical data are highly-available and protected at all times.


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