Optimize data center power management.

Maximize visibility and control with innovate power and thermal management software.

Optimize data center power management.

Maximize visibility and control with innovate power and thermal management software.

With OpenManage Power Manager you can:

  • Receive alerts on power and thermal events on your servers.
  • Measure energy consumed by IT equipment inside a rack.
  • Report on servers using the most energy, the least energy, spikes in power consumption and more.
  • Increase data center density by identifying racks where the IT equipment is not using the power capacity allocated.

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Product Features

  • Metrics and Monitoring: Monitor power history, temperature history, CPU utilization, input output utilization, memory utilization, and system flow.
  • Policies: Create and maintain power policies that enable customers to set a power cap on the power consumption.
  • Disable and Enable: Disable Power Manager settings without uninstalling using the disable feature and restore configurations using the enable feature.
  • Emergency Power Reduction (ERP): Throttle down power consumption or shut down devices.
  • Alert Threshold: Create threshold limits for power and temperature.
  • Reports: Generate predefined or custom reports to view power or thermal consumption.


Purchase/Download Information

To obtain the free version of OpenManage Power Manager, please fill out the form on this page. You will then be directed to the software download page for OpenManage Power Manager.

For full functionality, OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager is included in the OpenManage Enterprise Advanced License or can be installed as a plugin to OpenManage Enterprise V3.2.  Advanced licenses are available at server point of sale (POS) and after point of sale (APOS). If you are interested in an OpenManage Enterprise advanced license, please mention the SKUs when speaking with your Dell sales representative:

OpenManage Enterprise 3.2 Advanced License SKUs 






APOS Legacy Platforms

POS Current and future platforms

APOS Current and future platforms

APOS Legacy Platforms

APSO Current and future platforms

Requirements for full functionality

  • OME 3.2 and subsequent releases
  • OME Advanced License
  • iDRAC Enterprise