Keep your data center front and center.

Free download: Dell EMC OpenManageTM Plug-in for Nagios XI

Keep your data center front and center.

Free download: Dell OpenManageTM Plug-in for Nagios XI

Attain Unprecedented IT Uptime and Availability.

Dell Dell EMC OpenManage™ Plug-in for Nagios XI simplifies and automates your most essential hardware monitoring tasks to assist you in maximizing IT productivity and business continuity in environments managed by Nagios XI.

Dell EMC OpenManageTM Plug-in for Nagios XI version 1.0 is an easy-to-install and simple-to-use plug-in that provides comprehensive monitoring of Dell PowerEdge Servers, Chassis and Dell Storage devices. It extends Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) management functionality embedded in Dell PowerEdge Servers to Nagios XI users, providing them with rich details in alerts and health monitoring.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Uniform and Agent-Free monitoring of Dell PowerEdge 12G and later generation of servers
  • Automate your Data Center infrstaructure monitoring using a simple, intuitive and guided Step-by-Step Configuration Wizard
  • Keep a pulse on your infrastructure with deep-level hardware component inventory and health monitoring

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