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Education Connect is a WordPress-based widget that brings important education articles from around the web to one central location, your blog.

When you install this plug-in, you make it easier for readers to connect with more education blogs and each other to build a vibrant, engaged community.

Education Connect is a widget/plugin that helps connect education blogs around the world. The widget is a content aggregator that takes articles from the highest quality EDU blogs and presents the titles and a brief summary within the widget.

The widget has a special crawler that goes to a pre-set list of education blogs that are selected based on content quality. It then takes the title of the latest articles written by that blog and populates the widget sitting on the installer’s website. Articles within the widget are then ranked based on a variety of social media factors to present only the best, freshest articles.

The goal of the EDU connect widget is to help users and publishers discover new content and readers, and to help educators discover new educational technology and connect with one another to share best practices.

You can either follow the instructions below, or click on the "Download" tab and then manually upload the plug-in file to your WordPress install.

1. Log into your Wordpress website

a.  Click Appearance

b.  Plugins

c.  Add New Plugins

2.  In the search box, type in "dell edu" and click Search Plugins.

3.  The Dell Education Connect widget will now be shown. Click the “install now” button.

4.  The widget will now install and once it has finished you will see the image below. Simply click “activate plugin”.

5.  Now that the plugin has been activated we need to put the widget on your physical blog.

a.  Click Appearance

b.  Widgets

c.  Click and drag the Dell Edu Connect widget box to your desired widget location.

6.  From here, you can customize the widget's settings, including the number of articles you want to populate the widget.

The Education Widget is built to adopt your template settings. Therefore, your view will change based on the WordPress template and widgets you are using.

1.  Customize the title any way you want.
2.  Populate your widget with Education thought leaders and your own followed blogs.
3.  Stories within the widget move up based on freshness and social media.

Ready to add the Dell Education Widget to your blog?

You can either click on the button below to download and then manually upload the plug-in file to your WordPress install, or log in to your WordPress backend and follow the steps in the 'Installation' tab on this page.

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