Don’t waste time migrating Windows boot images.

The Dell Server Migration Utility (SMU) does the hard work for you by simplifying the process of moving existing workloads to boot from SAN or migrating application data to central storage.

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Server Migration Utility (SMU) Software

The Dell Server Migration Utility (SMU) is a tool that enables the migration of Windows boot images in a multi-vendor x86 server environment, and prepares this migrated image for booting from centralized storage. This can be used to move existing workloads to boot from SAN, either due to an initiative in moving existing hardware to a boot from SAN model, or an architecture change like moving to a virtualized environment. SMU can also be used to migrate application data to centralized storage for better availability and easier backup and management of data.

SMU makes moving to boot from SAN easier

Moving to a SAN boot architecture is the first step toward stateless computing. Having data located in central storage rather than on local disk enables superior data protection and redundancy of the Operating System and application stack. Not only is the data more secure and available, it is no longer physically tied to a single physical server, which allows much simpler recovery from a failed server. SMU makes this process much easier by giving you a single tool that can migrate the data as well as prepare the image to make it ready to boot from SAN without any manual configuration.

SMU makes migrating data to centralized storage easier

SMU can also be used to migrate application data to centralized storage. Moving data to centralized storage provides superior data protection and redundancy, and enables a simpler strategy to back up critical data. Snapshots and cloning capabilities in storage arrays can also be used to further protect data.

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