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It’s an exciting time for students and educators as teaching and learning environments are evolving to support collaborative learning, teach 21st-century skills, and provide anytime, anywhere access to learning.

Schools are exploring ways to integrate rich digital content, social media, and interactive learning platforms. Dell works directly with educators and key partners to develop the best tools and resources that enable personalised learning inside and outside of the classroom walls.

Dell is helping schools help uncover significant cost-savings, so that budget cuts don’t slow down your ability tomake the technology investments required to reach your critical education goals. We are uniquely positioned tohelp education leaders find ways to simplify the management and cost of their IT infrastructures.

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Dell Connected Classroom: The 21st century teaching
Learn about the innovative work going on in Derbyshire schools in the UK and how Dell tools and services are helping to make this happen.
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  • Brochure Connected learning for schools: Transforming education for the digital age
  • Connected Learning Special Edition — Getting ready for 21st-century education
  • Connected Education White Paper
  • Open Book
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Let Dell’s Consulting, Implementation, and Support services help your school take advantage of the endless possibilities that technology brings to life.
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