The Economic and Clinical Benefits of Cloud-based Enterprise Archiving Services in Healthcare

Increasing healthcare cost continues to be a major societal, economic and business challenge, and the explosion of digital medical data contributes to that problem. Medical imaging data is the fastest growing data category and accounts for a third of total healthcare data. It uses disparate formats that are driving up the cost and complexity of infrastructure technology management and present significant challenges for integrating imaging data with other patient records. To reduce cost and improve care, the healthcare industry is moving forward with a number of technological advances to lower storage costs and convert proprietary formats to a vendor-neutral system that is more easily shared and integrated with other patient data.

In this whitepaper, ESG research shows how new technology options such as cloud-enabled vendor-neutral archiving services can help address current challenges and prepare organizations to adapt to future changes.  

This whitepaper discusses the current medical imaging landscape and key benefits of a cloud approach, including:

  • How healthcare organizations currently use cloud services
  • Top ten benefits of cloud-based archiving
  • Reasons healthcare providers turn to the cloud  
  • The role and key capabilities of cloud-based enterprise image archiving services
  • Three real-world healthcare case studies highlighting the financial, operational and clinical benefits of cloud-based enterprise image archiving

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