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Create engaging learning spaces with Ergotron
The integration of a 21st-century “Smart” campus relies on the infusion of useful, relevant technologies to meet the demands of the instructor and their multimedia, multi-linked mobile students.

Ergotron’s broad portfolio of display mount and mobility products can be an essential part of the technology platform supporting dynamic learning environments. Ergotron delivers:
  • Flexibility—Adapting technology to varying skill sets and teaching styles; promoting configurable, adjustable products that fit a diverse demographic in virtually any learning environment
  • Collaboration—Technology that promotes interaction, enhancing the connection between teachers, students, colleagues and peers... In, around and beyond the campus
  • Productivity—Versatile solutions that transform virtually any space into a learning environment, providing faster and easier access to applications and real-time information
  • Dependability—Rigorous testing ensures durable products that promote safer, healthier workspaces now and for years to come

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