Top 5 enterprise storage
challenges and how to
overcome them

If you’ve been searching for a more cost-effective and sustainable way forward for your enterprise IT, you’re not alone. International Data Corporation (IDC) asked hundreds of enterprise IT storage managers to name their leading storage challenges and desired outcomes. What follows are IDC analysts’ recommendations and an introduction to ground-breaking software that enables flash across product platforms for the first time ever.

1. Meet performance, availability and/or recovery SLAs

Boost performance with flash memory in host, all-flash or hybrid flash arrays and in-memory database architectures supported by Dell Storage SC Series and PS Series. For SLA issues and to improve business continuity, consider snapshots or clones, public cloud recovery-as-a-service and Active/Active data center designs or scale out application also supported by Dell SC Series and PS Series.

2. Successfully troubleshoot storage-related problems

First and foremost, a trusted storage vendor should listen to your storage issues and provide strategic guidance in solving the problem. Next, look for automated features with a strong support infrastructure as found with Dell Storage SC Series Copilot, Phone Home, Support Assist, automated error detection, threshold alerts and automatic support case creations.

3. Implement advanced storage features with available budget and time

A quick and cost-effective way to modernize storage is with workflow automation and non-disruptive data migration (based on the array) as found with Dell Storage SC Series and PS Series. You’ll get perpetual licensing, Live Migration and Thin Import with the SC Series while the PS Series eases migration with automation and removal of members.

4. Quickly fulfill storage provisioning requests

To meet high demand for storage and speed access to data, consider public/private cloud IaaS, storage service catalogs, integrated/converged infrastructure and scale-out infrastructure. The good news for existing PS Series customers that deploy SC Series is they gain unified management and easy replication between platforms for support of use cases and ongoing investment protection.

5. Overcome complex and costly management of diverse architectures

Look to consolidate and standardize with the Dell Storage SC Series and PS Series latest management tool, Dell Storage Manager, featuring common user interface across both platforms.

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Now you have a way forward without compromise.
Improve data storage performance, stay competitive and reduce operating costs with Dell Storage PS Series and Dell Storage SC Series, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. From the lowest price per GB for all-flash arrays2 to the industry’s onlycross-platform replication,3 Dell customers have a unique advantage to modernize IT without compromising budgets, schedules or performance.
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  1. Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by Dell, “Dell’s Strategy in Bringing Customers Together and Forward: The Economic Advantages”, May 2016.
  2. Net usable capacity of Dell array with 5 years of support, after 5:1 data reduction, vs. major competitors net of data reduction. Street price analysis is based on a variety of sources including analyst data, price sheets when available, and public information as of May 2016.
  3. Source: Dell internal analysis (March 23, 2016) comparing against the top 5 other vendors in the mid-range enterprise market.

Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries