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IDC Intelligent Business newsletter issue 4: The future of storage in the face of exponential Data storage growth

In June 2011, IDC predicted that more than 1.8 Zettabytes (or 1.8 trillion Gigabytes) of data will be created worldwide by the end of 2011. Whilst a lot of this information is transient and has a limited life span, there is still demand to store and manage them.

The fourth issue of the IDC Intelligent Business newsletter, sponsored by Dell, will examine new storage technologies and management strategies in more detail and provide guidance to end users who are developing new IT management approaches.

This free newsletter will show :
  • The considerations when building storage infrastructure for the future
  • Benefits of consolidating block and file data onto single shared system
  • How unified storage management will allows efficient utilization of storage resources and the use of a single namespace

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