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Mega teachers redefine efficiency

Meet Maria. She’s a great teacher and 10x more effective than many others. How do you do it, Maria? 

The school deployed a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) of Dell Wyse thin clients. Now Maria and the other teachers can start classes right away. No long boot-up times. No unreliable IT. 

Be inspired. See how Sagrados Corazones school in Spain did it. Download the case study Watch the video

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Heroic hospital boosts patient care

Super doctors that have access to patient data from anywhere? That’s not magic; that’s an everyday ward round at the Hospital Consorci Sanitari del Garraf, powered by its Dell vWorkspace virtual desktop solution:

  • Doctors and nurses carry mobile thin clients on ward visits for faster access to patient info, speeding up care and drug administration
  • 100% of data is locked down for better security
  • 97% greater energy efficiency reduces costs

Follow the heroics. Download the case study Watch the video

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Top-secret designs protected from bad guys

Imagine you’re a project manager like Esra and need to protect precious manufacturing designs from falling into the wrong hands? Türk Traktör in Turkey has found a safe, affordable way with thin clients:

  • Design data is now centralised, and therefore better protected
  • IT management is reduced by 40%
  • Client installs are completed in 30 minutes instead of hours
  • Zooom! Designers and R&D staff get speedier IT service

Be ‘Wyse’ too. Download the case study Watch the video


Slay your monster

What’s eating your budget and efficiency? Find and slay your monster, like these companies did

Carl the Complex

Kapow! Companies are combatting complexity and streamlining workflows.

Find out What This Retailer Achieved

The Budget Hungry

Chop! It’s time to slash costs with more efficient technology.

Read How This Insurance Firm Trimmed its Budget

The Security Hazard

Halt! Strengthen security and control access like never before.

See How This Local Authority Reduced Disruption

In your organisation

Meet the real IT heroes

IT staff everywhere are locked in a constant battle with the enemies of tight budgets, spiralling costs and desktop PCs they can no longer control.

… Head to the cloud

Fear of dizzying heights of efficiency? Never. They know that technology is moving into the cloud. And they’re tough enough to embrace it.

Staff at arvato in France are super-productive and IT staff roll out virtual desktops 66% faster.

… In a thousand places at once

A few thousand PCs? No problem. VDI-powered IT teams push out updates, patches and apps at the click of a mouse.

See how the University of York manages maintenance across 226 buildings! Heroes.

Download case study

… Battle unnecessary costs

When technical issues and resolution times plummet, so do costs.

Find out how the Torre-Pacheco City Council in Spain slashed the cost enemy by a whopping 35%. Hurrah.

Download case study

… Help save the planet

Global warming? Wasted resources? Not on your watch.

See how Finder, a manufacturer in Italy, reduced energy consumption by 50%.

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