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Desktop Virtualization

Dell makes VDI solutions that are easy, flexible and affordable for everyone.

Get desktop virtualization benefits - without the cost and complexity

Return control of your client environment to your IT managers. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) makes it easier to manage and protect user data and applications because those resources live on servers in a data center, not your employee's PC or device.

Dell Desktop Virtualization Services (DVS) make it possible to transcend  traditional barriers to desktop virtualization entry. Four different development  options each solve a different problem, but all deliver simplified, scalable, end-to-end desktop virtualization:

Make a Wyse choice
You can simplify and secure any time, any place access to virtual desktop resources with
Dell Wyse™ purpose-built, thin, zero and cloud clients.

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Choose how much or little virtual desktop infrastructure you want to manage, and we’ll deliver the solution that best suits your computing environment, including assessment, design and delivery, as well as fully managed offerings:

- Put your toe in the water and explore desktop virtualization.
- Consider how you can take advantage of virtual desktop benefits
- Create a desktop virtualization plan that supports mobile/distributed computing, protects your data and simplifies compliance management.

Each Dell™ Desktop Virtualization Solution (DVS) targets a different challenge, but all deliver simplified, scalable, end-to-end desktop virtualization:

- We can deliver your solution preconfigured and validated on one server appliance. To scale up, you just add another appliance.

- Swap virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) cost and management for a cloud-based subscription service. You just manage your virtual desktops and we can do the rest.

- Keep your solution on-site, but leave your VDI deployment, monitoring, management and maintenance to us. 

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