Join Dell User Forum Australia 2014
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Dell User Forum Australia will be held at Royal Randwick
, Sydney on Wednesday 15th October, 2014.

Royal Randwick Racecourse,
Alison Road, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

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7:45am-8:45am Delegate Arrival & Registration
8:45am-10:15am Welcome address and keynote presentation
Research findings presented by Forrester Research
10:15-10:45am Morning Tea & Solutions Expo
Breakout Streams - Choose your session

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Dell Storage: Turning data into insights Speaker:Jamie Humphrey / John McCloskey
Information is the lifeblood of any organization. Data growth is skyrocketing, as well as the number of sources generating this data. Organizations want to more effectively derive more value from data and gain greater insights from it. In this session we explore how Dell provides storage that is easy to manage and protect, and offers tools that facilitate data analytics across the information lifecycle and across all data types.
Dell Cloud and Data Centre: Transforming the efficiency of ITSpeaker:Kyle Bunting
Accelerating data centre modernization with virtualization, convergence and cloud. Join this session to understand how Dell is transforming the efficiency of IT to change the cost and delivery model using modern data centre architectures such as cloud.
Dell Mobility: Connecting people, enabling productivitySpeaker:Jeff Morris
Access resources anytime, anywhere and on any device. Join this session to learn how Dell innovation enables greater flexibility and productivity when, where and how people work.
Dell Security: Protection from the device to the cloudSpeaker:Ian Hodge
Safeguard against evolving and wide-ranging security threats. In this session learn how Dell combats persistent threats to data and IT assets with a design philosophy focused on removing cost and complexity from the organisation.
11:40am-12:25pm What's coming next with Dell Storage (NDA session)Speaker:Kishore Gagrani
Learn about the Dell Storage portfolio and vision: what’s newly released and upcoming new solutions.
Understanding server trends, technologies and the latest innovations from DellSpeaker:Chad Fenner
The server market constantly changes and morphs with new opportunities emerging all the time, which can help improve your total cost of ownership. Come learn Dell’s point of view on technology changes, from new systems improvements to unprecedented infrastructure enhancements.
The New Reality of Mobile Solution: Everything you have been told about mobility is wrong.Speaker:Sean Wisdom
Join this session and explore some of the most prevalent myths regarding mobile solutions and your mobile strategy:
  • Tablets are not right for business
  • Mobile device management is all you need for BYOD
  • Mobility is too risky for highly regulated industries
  • Mobile applications are too costly to deliver ROI
  • Mission: Defend and Protect - Next generation firewalls and network security appliancesSpeaker:Mark Stuart
    Securing your network while sustaining performance and simplifying management has been a trade off for some IT organisations. Join this session for a detailed insight into the latest innovations in network security that allows companies to deploy strong security protocols that drive business flexibility, functionality and growth.
    Solutions Expo TourBe hosted through this dedicated Solutions Expo tour to see, touch and feel Dell's full solution offerings. Hear from our platinum, gold and silver sponsors and particpate in a dedicated customer immersion experience with Microsoft. These tours are not to be missed.
    12:30-13:30pm Lunch & Solutions Expo
    13:40-14:25pm Best practices with Compellent & EqualLogic VMware IntegrationSpeaker:Steven Lee
    Join Dell and VMware in this learning session as we explore best practice in deploying VMware vSphere on EqualLogic and get up to speed on all the latest integration points with Compellent Storage Center. Make daily administration tasks faster and more efficient using the techniques covered in this live demonstration. This session will also cover the hyper-converged Dell Engineered Solution for VMware EVO:Rail - experience easier, faster, and more robust deployments coupled with ground-breaking VMware technology auto-implementing best practices in order to make things easier and more secure for you.
    Dell Networking - Past, Present and Future (NDA session)Speaker:Jaiwant Virk
    Networking is an integral part of your IT environment. In this NDA roadmap session, you will learn how Dell gives you the power to modernize and transform your network infrastructure - increasing performance, automating for efficiency and securing your organisation. Exploring innovations in networking technology such as software defined networking, this session will provide you with best practices that you can easily leverage in any physical, virtual or cloud based environment.
    What's new in client computing (NDA session) Speaker:Heber Delaney / Rainer Noack
    Client computing continues to evolve. The specialisation and proliferation of devices available for computing tasks continues to broaden - tablets, laptops, desktops and workstations. Join this roadmap session as we explore the industry trends driving Dell's innovations in client computing and discover the latest solutions for all your computing needs.
    Cyber-attack: Not a question of if, but when...Speaker:Alan White
    It’s about keeping a step ahead of the unseen. Cyber attackers lurk at any shadow or minute to deploy their unlimited arsenal of methods to steal, destroy or disrupt. Every organisation, group, or individual are vulnerable to being attacked. How do you protect your organisation from the myriad of attack vectors? Connect with the experts from Dell SecureWorks in this session for an overview into this threatening yet fascinating topic.
    Solutions Expo Tour - Education SectorFor Education Customers : Be hosted through this dedicated Solutions Expo tour to see, touch and feel Dell's full solution offerings. Hear from our platinum, gold and silver sponsors and particpate in a dedicated customer immersion experience with Microsoft. These tours are not to be missed.
    14:30-15:15pm Understanding key storage innovations: Software defined storage; Deploying web-scale converged solutions Speaker:Jamie Humphrey
    Relying on traditional architectures requires extensive integration of different vendors and introduces cost and complexity. Join this session to explore how Google, facebook and other leading cloud providers threw away the playbook to build scalable datacenters that deliver IT simplicity, scalability and improved ROI.
    A First Look at the new Dell PowerEdge infrastructure for the future-ready data center (NDA session)Speaker:Chad Fenner
    Get ready for the future! Attend this NDA session for a preview of the upcomig Dell server architecture. A revolutionary approach to IT based on a 2U shared infrastructure chassis with the efficiencies of shared power, networking, I/O and management.
    Accelerate modernisation with virtualisation desktop infrastructure (VDI), convergence and the cloudSpeaker:Jeff McNaught
    Learn how to maximise the economics of your client computing platform using virtual desktop infrastructure. Explore how to optimise your resources to gain better service levels, increase IT agility and hold the line on costs, compliance and complexity.
    Endpoint Systems Management: BYOD Yours or mineSpeaker:Sean Beveridge
    Mobility is amazing for productivity but the risk exposure to business data and applications are accelerating vectors for malware, interception, and security compromise. You need a strategic take on your BYOD positioning to effectively protect your organisation. Join this session to explore a robust endpoint systems management framework focused on the critical imperatives of staying secured, controlled, and compliant.
    Partner Breakout - Intel Transforming the enterprise with the Intel S.M.A.C stackIntel’s IT organization solves many of today’s most demanding and complex technology issues - In this session Intel will share with fellow IT professionals some of the lessons learned in our own IT organization using Cloud, Big Data, Graph Analytics, Optimized hardware and the Intel SMAC Stack.
    15:20-15:45pm Afternoon Tea & Solutions Expo
    15:55-16:40pm Dell Data Protection: Effective strategies to safeguard data and maximise management flexibilitySpeaker:Danny German, Dell Software
    Attend this session to discover how Dell Data Protection solutions safeguard your information while reducing management complexity. Learn how technologies such as deduplication, compression and optimized replication can help you get back to business as usual in minutes – not hours or days.
    Optimising your solutions with Dell's 13th generation serversSpeaker:Peter Katsoulotos / Enrico Bracalente
    Join this session to explore the new 13th generation of Dell PowerEdge servers and discover the specific system management innovations and how to successfully plan the transition of your existing solutions onto these new platforms. Discover best practice approaches to leverage the new architecture to deliver faster application performance, improved storage density for virtualized workloads and advanced management features.
    Partner Breakout –Microsoft: Vision and roadmap sessionSpeaker:Dan Pracny-Strass
    With the rapid rate of change in our industry, Microsoft will be taking attendees through their vision for what’s next in a cloud first mobile first world. A thought provoking view of how quickly things change and how we can all adapt to it, whilst improving productivity in our work and life to achieve more.
    Identity and Access ManagementSpeaker:John Whale
    Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the broadest issues in IT security and challenging for many organisations. In this learning session we will outline the best practice approaches Australian enterprises have developed using our modular and integrated approach to IAM.
    Solutions Expo TourBe hosted through this dedicated Solutions Expo tour to see, touch and feel Dell's full solution offerings. Hear from our platinum, gold and silver sponsors and particpate in a dedicated customer immersion experience with Microsoft. These tours are not to be missed.
    16:40-17:00pm Closing address by Amit Midha, President APJ, Dell.
    Solutions Expo
    17:00-18:00pm Networking Drinks & Entertainment (Sponsored by Cloud)